Nucleus School

1. Nucleus Kids Play School      2. Nucleus Pre Nursery School

Nucleus Schools/Institutional goal is to encourage young children to learn how to learn and to nurture the widest range of interests for new ideas and possibilities. Our faculty and staff integrate diverse learning backgrounds and styles to create a varied teaching and learning environment within an innovative curriculum.

Nucleus schools education program supports our core values of integrity, responsibility, respect, community and leadership. This vision leads our students to become independent, responsible & social citizen of our global society.

Franchisee Details:

Space: Minimum 1500-2000sq. ft. of space preferably on ground floor in prime residential area.
Franchise Fee: One time franchise fee of Rs.1-2 Lakh for 1 location (depending on city) at the time of agreement.
Investment: An investment of approximately Rs. 4-6 Lakh on infrastructure. The investment may depend on various factors like city, location, size and condition of the property, etc.
Royalty: 15% of total monthly collection against admission fee, annual charges, tuition fee, or summer / winter camp.
Franchisee Duration: Five years duration as per legal contract document.

Our Support:

  • Complete support in the development of new branch such interior & exterior designing, concepts planning, colour scheme and branding, etc.
  • Planning, guidance & support for Pre-Launch, Launch & Post-Launch advertising, marketing, promotion and development of PR strategy.
  • Complete academic support – specially designed books, monthly planners, activities, important notices/ circulars, lesson plans and celebration, etc.
  • Designing of brochures, leaflets, banners, hoardings and newspaper advertisement, etc.
  • Planning & guidance for local, regional and national advertisement.
  • Regular monitoring, audit & up-gradation of the system as per the changing needs.
  • Scheduled visits, personalized attention & support from Nucleus Support Executive will help our franchisee to generate good business.
  • Regular performance review, training, skill up-gradations of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Extensive initial training of franchisee, branch head and teachers by experts.
  • Periodic meetings / workshops designed to keep you informed & ahead of competitions.

Contact for Franchise:
Mobile: 09810648273
Admission: 09654800195

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